Citizens for Police Abolition
Portland, Oregon

Ctrl-Alt-Defund is a group of abolitionists using data, technology, and more to advocate for the allocation of funds towards community-building organizations and away from the Portland Police Bureau. Today.

Our Philosophy

To build a hopeful vision, we must first ensure that the material needs of the citizens of Portland are met. We work to reduce harm, and show that carceral systems are contributors to abuse of power and destruction of our communities.

We believe that police serve as the enforcement arm of capital, and not as a public safety mechanism. We therefore stand against the expansion of policing and advocate for the defunding of the Portland Police Bureau.

Our Methods

We aim to support existing organizations in Portland doing fantastic work, like Freedom to Thrive and Sisters of The Road. If you are working towards defunding the Portland Police Department, as an organization or as an individual, we are happy to provide support and partnership.

If you are working towards goals adjacent to police abolition, or are not in the city of Portland, we would still love to help. We may not be able to publish your work, but are willing to share our methodology and give you any support we can.

We believe in radical transparency. Where the safety of victims is not a concern, we will publish our data and methods in full for anyone to see and work with. Our hope is that people like us in cities suffering like ours can replicate our work and spread our message.